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Lucy Marshall Staircase Studio TrueTypePersonal use
  • Accents (partial)
  • Euro
Lucy Marshall.ttf
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  • Accents (partial)
  • Euro
Choco Cheese.ttf
Beauty Boutique DEMO TrueTypePersonal use
Beauty Boutique DEMO.ttf
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Janji Dilan Randi Ilhamsyah TrueTypePersonal use
  • Accents (partial)
  • Euro
Janji Dilan.ttf
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Hatchill Kong Font TrueTypePersonal use
  • Accents (partial)
  • Euro
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Beautiful Queen
Back To School
Christmas Day
Choco Cheese
Amattera Million
Lucy Marshall
Renatta Signature
Janji Dilan
Goblin Gank
Futuristic Rottesla
Pink Reef
Sage Leaves
Cardamom Script Regular
Doria Signature
Gods Truck
Beauty Boutique DEMO
Pinky Promise
Aesthetic Midnight
Blush And Bloom
Farming Times

How to install a font

Unzip file(s) downloaded.

Depending on the platform:

  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista - right-click the font file and select INSTALL
  • Mac OS X - double-click the font file and select INSTALL FONT
  • Linux - copy the font file(s) to /USR/SHARE/FONTS