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Vanilla Twilight Script TrueTypePersonal use
Vanilla Twilight Script.ttf
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American Lemon Riyadh Rahman OpenTypePersonal use
  • Accents (partial)
American Lemon.otf
Brongline Presiom Personal Use.ttf
Download @font-face
Darkline Rangga Singgih Subekti TrueTypePersonal use
  • Accents (partial)
Download @font-face
Macadamia Iis SyifauarrahmahWebsite OpenTypePersonal use
  • Accents (partial)
  • Euro
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Update overview

How to install a font

Unzip file(s) downloaded.

Depending on the platform:

  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista - right-click the font file and select INSTALL
  • Mac OS X - double-click the font file and select INSTALL FONT
  • Linux - copy the font file(s) to /USR/SHARE/FONTS