Accented fonts

In order to type "tête-à-tête" in its proper spelling, you will definitely need a specific accented font. Otherwise, with conventional Latin-based font, you will only receive "tete-a-tete". Generally speaking, those tiny signs above or below the letters in some foreign languages, such as French, for example, can be crucial and misuse or omitting them may result in a complete or partial change of the word's meaning.

The point is that unlike traditional Latin alphabet with its A-Z letters, many European languages require additional signs to be displayed above or below particular letters. These signs or marks are commonly known as diacritical marks. Consequently, fonts, which contain letters with diacritical marks, are usually referred to as accented fonts.

It is interesting to note, that not all diacritical marks of the particular accented font can be called accents. As a matter of fact, acute, cedilla, circumflex, grave, tilde, and umlaut are all diacritical marks, but not all of them are accents (e.g. cedilla is not an accent). Surely, in order to properly type a text in the language, where diacritical marks are used, first it is necessary to install an accented font with a support of extended character map.

Finding necessary accented fonts can be challenging since most of the online font resources do not allow browsing character maps supported by a particular font before it is installed on your computer. However, recently a new font repository appeared, called Fonts2u, which not only allows browsing supported character maps online, but also offers a sophisticated tool for searching fonts by specifying the necessary character map support.

For example, if you are looking for accented fonts to input text in French or German, you can select either Latin Supplement or one of the Latin Extended options in the character map drop down list of the search tool and receive only those fonts, which support the selected character maps. In the same way, one can find accented fonts for Cyrillic texts. Thus, with Fonts2u, looking for free accented font with the support of necessary diacritical marks is uniquely easy, accurate, and time-saving.