African fonts

Working on some kind of Africa-related document, such as a web page or a postcard, it is natural to use an African font in order to make the document's characters more distinct and to recreate the particular atmosphere of Africa in your work. Fonts2u, as one of the leading free font repositories in the Internet, offers its collection of African fonts for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Even in case if you wish to change the format of the African font you like most, you can easily do it with the online font converter, which allows converting any font between the major font formats.

Speaking about African fonts in general, we mostly mean computer typefaces, which support particular character maps or collections of symbols, specific for African scripts. The examples of such scripts are Ethiopic, Tifinagh (the alphabet of some Berber people living in North Africa), Vai (originating from Liberia and also used by some people in Sierra Leone), N'Ko (developed in 1949 and currently used in Guinea, Cote d'ivoire, Mali), and other specific Arfican writing systems. In order to find and download some authentic African font at Fonts2u, it is easy to trace such font by selecting the relevant character map in the extended search section.

To provide a few African font examples, let us mention here TITUS Cyberbit Basic for Ethiopic language, DejaVu Sans Bold for N'Ko, and Sony Sketch EF for Tifinagh. Other Aftican typefaces are available from the Fonts2u online collection.

Finally, a few dingbats may also serve as an African font. Dingbats are especially helpful, when it is necessary to recreate the specific African atmosphere with the help of featured pictures, signs, and ornaments. For example, Zoologic dingbat font can be used to add the pictures of African animals to the document. Maskenball04 offers a nice collection of African masks, and VisitTheNil can be helpful while introducing the feel and look of ancient Egypt.