Ancient fonts

Computer fonts are powerful tools, capable of reconstructing some specific atmosphere. For example, designers usually use Gothic fonts for alternative music booklets or hand-writing fonts for romantic Valentine's Day greeting cards or wedding invitations. Sometimes, we need to recreate the mood of ancient times, and in such cases ancient font can be a valuable addition to the words, colors, and images.

When saying ancient font, we, actually, mean really old writing technique, which was used by people even before the invention of alphabet in its modern understanding. That is why ancient font is often associated with hieroglyphic or symbolic writings. Of course, such font is not suitable for presenting large texts, but for creating some specific feelings, for example, the atmosphere of ancient Egypt or mystical Greece, such fonts can be of definite help.

Since ancient people often used symbols or images to denote certain things in writing, most of the modern variations of the ancient fonts can be classified as dingbat fonts as well. For example, Imaginary Forces presents a vivid collection of mythical creatures, while HierobatsSketches is a set of ancient font symbols, used during the antique history of Egypt.

However, among ancient fonts offered at Fonts2u, one can also find font examples with the appearance closer to letters than to images. Have a look at Futhark AOE. Recognizing familiar Latin letters is still problematic here, but the characters definitely represent some early beta versions of modern alphabets. In the science of typography, Futhark relates to the oldest form of runic alphabet. Also, Etruscan is also worthy of mentioning as a good illustration of ancient font. Only one book written in the original Etruscan language is now left, but ironically, the last person, who could read it was the Roman emperor Claudius, who lived two thousand years ago.