Arabic fonts

If you have ever been in the countries, where Arabic language is used, you must have noticed that absolutely unique flavor, created by signs and names written with the curly and rounded letters of the Arabic alphabet. Once you wish to recreate the unique atmosphere of the Arabian Nights in some of your designing projects, consider picking up some interesting Arabic font from the online font repository Fonts2u.

Basically, any Arabic font is based on the use of characters, specific for the Arabic alphabet or Abjad as it should be correctly called. After the Latin A-Z alphabet, Arabic is the second most widely used writing system in the world. The use of Arabic fonts has certain peculiarities, for example, a text should be written from right to left, and not vice versa as in many Western languages. At the same time, all the Arabic characters are now included and supported by the Unicode standard, making it possible to display Arabic texts on any computer with Unicode.

The core of Arabic alphabet is formed with 28 letters. Besides, there are also some additional signs to define vowels or, for example, doubling of a consonant. Traditional Arabic font features a cursive style of writing. Furthermore, there is a great variety of calligraphy styles in the Arabic language, including Naskh, Thuluth, Sini, and others.

In order to find an appropriate Arabic font for your project, we would recommend making use of the extended search section at Fonts2u. You have to select the Arabic character map in the corresponding drop-down list to ensure that the fonts in the search results will support the necessary characters, and then press the Search button. Just to give a few quick links for Arabic fonts, let me mention here UKIJ Diwani Tom from the calligraphy category, and UKIJ Kawak, which features a nice outlined structure of the letters. To view the Arabic letters, supported by those fonts, do not forget to choose Arabic from the list of supported character maps.