Armenian fonts

Now it is no problem to find even the most outlandish and fancy font for the English language, but if you need to find a computer font for non-Latin scripts, that can turn into a pretty challenging mission. As an experiment, try searching for some Armenian font online and compare results with, let's say, those for decorative font search.

However, there are specialized resources, which offer free fonts even for the most rare and unique languages. For example, at Fonts2u one can find a great variety of foreign fonts, supporting multiple exotic scripts. Among them there are many Armenian font examples as well. For example, CaslonRoman is a very nice-looking and professionally made Armenian font with a rich character map. Roman Unicode Regular is another classic Armenian typeface.

Furthermore, you can even find Armenian fonts in different styles at Fonts2u. Free Monospaced font features light and clear lines, while DejaVu Sans Bold will suite nice for headlines and titles thanks to the solid and bold letter outlines.

Speaking about the Armenian font, it is also necessary to mention a few facts about the alphabet it is based on. The alphabet was formed in about year 405 and contained 36 letters at that time with two more characters added during the Middle Ages. Most linguists agree that Armenian alphabet was modeled after the Greek alphabet. Armenians just added a few other letters, which they could not find in ancient Greek.

Currently, Armenian font is one of the five modern European scripts, included in the Unicode (the other are Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Georgian). Consequently, all the computer operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, do support characters of the Armenian alphabet. For example, the Armenian font, included into MS Windows XP is called Sylfaen, while in Max OS it is Mshtakan.