Asian fonts

Being a collective name for a vast variety of Asian languages, Asian font term can be applied to any font or typeface, specific to Asian languages. According to the font classification, accepted at the leading free font database Fonts2u, Asian font family covers a vast variety of fonts, specific for Eastern, Southern, and Central Asian languages. Here belong Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts, which are all grouped into separate categories on the site. Besides, there are also Lao and Thai fonts, as well as Mongolian and Tibetan languages, to represent Southern and Central Asian scripts.

In order to create Asian fonts, a designer should include a particular character map with the symbols or characters, which are used as letters in the particular language. After such font file is downloaded and installed onto a user's computer, it will then become possible to type a text, using the writing system of the given language.

However, sometimes designers name their creations as Asian fonts simply because the shapes of the common English letters of the font have a specific Asian-style appearance. In such situation, one can print a text in English using the traditional Latin keyboard layout, but the text will appear in a fancy style, resembling that of the authentic Asian writing. For example, Chinyen Normal font mimics the style of Chinese scripts, and AWSiamEnglishnotThai resembles the original Thai lettering.

Understanding the real value of language in human culture, Fonts2u offers a large Asian font collection, which support region-specific character maps. At this web site everyone can easily find Asian fonts to recreate the unique ethnic flavor, expressed by some unique nation-specific writing style.

In order to find a necessary Asian font at Fonts2u, you can either browse the relevant category or specify the necessary font parameters, including specific character map, in the extended search section.