Basic fonts

Speaking about the basic fonts, the majority of us will probably imagine conventional and widely spread computer fonts. For example, basic font in the eyes of Windows PC user is Times New Roman, or Lucida Grande – for those, who are using Macintosh machines. Basic font does not, actually, belong to some strict typographic definition and does not represent any classification of fonts. Instead, the term basic font is usually used, when it is necessary to mention the typeface, which is widely popular, has rich character map and supports wide range of applications.

If it is an article or a book you are working on, you are not likely to use some fancy font with eroded edges or curly strokes, because you want readers to concentrate on the content of the text and make long reading of the text comfortable for human eyes. In such cases, people mostly prefer fonts, which we, at Fonts2u, call basic fonts.

Serif and sans serif fonts are, perhaps, the most vivid illustrations of basic fonts. They are suitable for multiple applications, ensure great readability of the text, and thanks to particular variations, such as Italic or bold styles, they can be used for both highlighting the headers and presenting the whole text. That is why the representatives of these two font families have gained a good reputation among book and newspaper publishers.

Another group of basic font, presented at Fonts2u web portal, is called fixed width or monospace fonts. These include the typefaces, which are characterized by the fact that all their characters have the same width and occupy the same amount of space on printed media or on screen. While on earlier computers the use of monospaced fonts was dictated by limited graphical capabilities, nowadays it is a matter of personal choice of a designer or a particular application, whether to use a monospaced font or the one with variable width of characters.

Anyway, basic font collection at Fonts2u includes the best representatives of the fonts, which gained the reputation and wide popularity in the font industry. These fonts are professionally designed, support a variety of character maps and are suitable for multiple applications.