Beautiful Fonts

Every time a designer starts working on a new project, he faces the challenging task. How to find that very beautiful font, which could suit the project in terms of aesthetics, originality, and compliance with the key idea, content, and style of the project? Furthermore, considering different beautiful fonts, designers often pay attention to the font quality and set of characters (character map) supported by a particular font.

With millions of free fonts available in the Internet, hunting for a beautiful font may not always be easy in view of a great variety of options, which are often scattered among multiple web sites. As a result, font searching often turns into an exhausting and time-consuming process.

With an ambitious goal to become a number one beautiful font repository online, Fonts2u is a font-focused web site with the extensive collection of free fonts and a sophisticated font search mechanism, which altogether turns searching for a beautiful font into a result oriented, intuitive, and time-saving experience. In order to help with evaluating multiple options available, Fonts2u offers the detailed information on every font, including the display of every character map supported by a chosen font, as well as the custom text preview with the selected font or fonts.

Once the mission of choosing your beautiful font is completed, it can be easily downloaded for free just with a few mouse clicks and without annoying advertising, time delays, or redirects. Also, at Fonts2u you can easily convert a selected font from one format into another, using the online free font converter.

Finally, Fonts2u aims in becoming a one-stop destination not only for font users, but also for creators of beautiful fonts. If you are a font designer and you want to demonstrate your own font works for a wide audience, Fonts2u welcomes you to join the club and upload your fonts into our database for free.