Bold fonts

Although every computer has a built-in option of making any regular typeface bold, the original bold font implies that it was initially designed to look heavier, thicker, and darker.

Being a bad choice for the whole text, bold font is, however, a perfect choice for underlying and emphasizing something important. Particular words, phrases, headlines or titles can be printed in bold style, which will definitely attract attention of a reader and make it easier to understand the key idea of the text. Medium-weight characters are said to be more readable, but inserting some key words in bold font will add more color to the text and will result in its better appearance, as well as in the improvement of its perception.

Bold font representatives can be found across different font categories and families. It is a vivid proof of how important the existence of this font style is. Whether you are interested in various bold fonts, or you search for something particular, or you just look for a place to display your own font creations, Fonts2u is just the web resource you should visit right away!

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