Brush fonts

Brush font belongs to casual script typefaces. It means that the characters look as if they were handwritten, and the strokes resemble those made by a brush. The distinctive feature of the brush font is the variable thickness of the strokes: a character is made up of thinner and thicker parts. Often, the borders of brush typeface letters are irregular and ragged.

The very first representative of brush font was designed at the beginning of the 40th of the previous century. It was very popular and in demand among the retailers and advertisers. Many posters were also displayed with the help of this font.

These days brush font is also a popular means of displaying various texts. It seems to be full of freedom, knowing no limits, and offering the possibility to render and represent different styles and fashions.

Fonts2u is a computer free font portal, which also knows no boundaries in offering up-to-date and latest fonts, created by the professional designers. Among many different categories we recommend our visitors to browse our brush font subcategory as part of the script fonts.

About four hundreds of brush fonts are brought to your attention. The vivid examples of this typeface category are Art decor, Brook 23, Psychotika. Many visitors may like the neat, original brush looks of such fonts as brush-tipTerrence and VPS Qui Nhon. Tetanus and !the troubles are the examples of the inexhaustible imagination of the font designers, who manage to create a special, unique brush fonts without going too far from its main principles.

Some brush fonts represented at Fonts2u feature original, special characters (KlitschKOtiquaRound, Goombella), while others' advantage is the unique background the letters are placed against (Mad Bubbles, skirules-Sans Expanded Medium). Raslani Kaplash looks very interesting due to the curved strokes of the characters.

In fact, every font here, at Fonts2u, has something special about it. You are welcome to see it with your own eyes!