Calligraphy fonts

The name of the art of fancy lettering, calligraphy, is derived from the Greek words beauty and writing. In spite of that, this visual art is believed to have originated in ancient China. Modern computer calligraphy font varieties emulate this beautiful ancient style of writing.

These days, one can find many online resources, rich on calligraphy font representatives. Among those places that deserve special attention is a new, but very advanced and promising free font site Fonts2u. Our visitors are offered numerous calligraphy fonts, starting with the most common, and ending with the most unique and sophisticated ones.

SaffronToo, Ville de Geneve ES, and ALS Script (Trial) – these calligraphy fonts are absolutely beautiful, neat, refined, and elegant. They will definitely add special charm to any text displayed with their help.

Holiday Home, LaPointe's Road, Cöntgen Kanzley and VTC-Bad Tattoo Hand One are very whimsical and ornate calligraphy font representatives. They are very good options to embellish informal passages or make the titles and headlines more visible and eye-catching.

Promocyja, Miama, and Saginaw Light are the calligraphy typefaces that attract readers' attention with their refinement and creativity, being at the same time not too florid. Less informal texts can be beautified with these character sets.

It is just a few typefaces out of four hundreds, represented here, at Fonts2u. Other fonts are not less worthy of your attention.

Fonts2u portal is really designed with a thought of a visitor. Here he can browse different font categories, calligraphy font being one of them; or he can use our extended search tool to quickly find some particular typeface. Thus, if one searches for calligraphy fonts, he should choose this category in the corresponding window. Besides, one is also welcome to define a number of other font parameters. All the rest will be done by our automatic search engine, and a visitor will just enjoy the fonts matching his requirements best.