Chinese fonts

Whether it is necessary to write some text in the original Chinese language or a designer just wishes to create a feel and look of the traditional Chinese lettering, a specific Chinese font will be helpful in both cases. At Fonts2u, there are many typefaces from the Chinese font family to cover the whole field of font applications in practice.

There can be two meanings for Chinese fonts in terms of typography and writing style. The first one represents the font, which features the specific appearance close to traditional Chinese writing. The other meaning refers to a font, which supports specific character sets, such as Bopomofo, thus enabling writing texts in the Chinese language.

Such fonts as Bushido Shadow or Chinyen Normal just mimic the style of the Chinese writing while using traditional Latin A to Z alphabet. On the other hand, such Chinese font examples, as TITUS Cyberbit Basic, Code2000, and Chrysanthi Unicode Regular, contain all the characters and symbols necessary for writing in Chinese.

Being rather a phonetic system than an alphabet in its common understanding, Bopomofo is now one of the most commonly used input methods on the computers and some cell-phones in China. This Chinese font system includes 37 letters and 4 tone marks, which allow typing a text with traditional Chinese characters.

CJK Unified Ideographs is another example of a specific character map, which can be used in Chinese fonts for computer applications. Basically, CJK is a collective name for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages, since all those languages share similar features and use Chinese characters either completely or partially.

At Fonts2u it is possible to select a necessary character map for the font you are looking for, and the system will sort the typefaces based on the specified parameters or font characteristics and will find those, meeting the defined criteria.