Comic fonts

Humor, a genuine human feature has many ways of expression. Words are one of them. However, funny words represented in comic fonts may have far stronger impact on the readers. The first look at them will tune one in on the right mood and prepare for the perception of the whole text.

Comic font is meant to be used in informal documents. Being initially oriented on children (it was mainly used in comic books), with the lapse of time it became so popular that nowadays its use is not limited to children literature only.

Adults turn out to be interested in everything funny, comic, and humorous not less than children. Often they may need it even more: humor and jokes help relax, calm down, have some rest from the problems and soothe the nerves. And it is comic font, used to display some texts, that helps reach this aim.

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You may choose to display a title with bold comic font; you may decide to use outline typefaces to emphasize and highlight the key parts – no matter what you pick up from the range of comic fonts, it will definitely be a zest in your creative work.

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