Condensed fonts

In fact, the characters in condensed font only seem to be elongated or taller, because they are unusually narrow in relation to their height. They are also very tightly spaced, thus, a text in condensed fonts needs less spacing than that displayed with the help of the standard fonts. This feature is always of great help if it is necessary to fit quite a large passage into a limited area, like in the newspaper column, advertisement, CD liner, etc.

A magazine or newspaper headline may also benefit from being represented this way: condensed font allows making characters larger in size. Such title will appear more eye-catching and attracting the attention of the potential readers. Condensed font is also an option to prefer while displaying long phrases on the posters or titles on the book covers.

Fonts with the condensed characters often, though not always, have such words as compressed, narrow, or even the same condensed in their names, thus giving us a hint that they belong to the condensed font family.

It is possible to find a great variety of condensed fonts from different categories, and types. They can be the representatives of italic, outlined, or bold style. In fact, there exist such a large number of them that looking for the most suitable one for your project may take pretty much time.

In order to save your patience, efforts, and time, Fonts2u has implemented a very useful tool that helps automatically find a peculiar font. This option is called extended search, and it offers you to choose the specific parameters of a font you are looking for. Namely, you can define a category, type, style, special glyphs, as well as mention font width and weight. Fonts2u extended search will show you a list of optimal fonts in a couple of seconds.

Condensed fonts are also widely presented at this resource. Visit us and enjoy Gothic, Fancy, Script, Basic and many other narrow fonts.