Cyrillic fonts

Fonts2u is one of the leading online font repositories, containing hundreds of thousands of free fonts, and over a thousand of Cyrillic font examples in particular. Once the default Cyrillic fonts, supplied with your operating system, can no longer satisfy your requirements, visit our site and download some cool and eye-catching typefaces from our Cyrillic font collection.

Cyrillic font deals with the writing system, which was formed in the 9th century on the territory of the modern Bulgaria. This alphabet was later borrowed by other Slavic languages, and even some non-Slavic ones, such as Kazakh, Uzbek, and Tajik. Nowadays, Cyrillic alphabet is used in Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and Russian languages.

The development of Cyrillic font typography was largely influenced by Latin typography. Besides, due to the wide spreading of computer fonts, today many modern Cyrillic letters, unlike those of the Old Slavonic language, resemble the look of the Latin characters of the same typeface family. It is a common situation for a traditional Cyrillic font, when lowercase letters are just small copies of the uppercase characters (however, keep in mind that the situation is absolutely different in the handwriting Cyrillic script). Furthermore, there are both roman and italic variants of each Cyrillic font.

The collection of Cyrillic fonts, presented at Fonts2u web site, is really impressive. From old-fashioned Lavra Plain, Cyrillic Old Face, and Zlatoust kUcs fonts and to modern Kliment Std, Liberation Sans Italic, and CaslonRoman typefaces – indeed, you can find whatever Cyrillic font you need at this web site. Especial attention should be given to handwriting Cyrillic fonts. For example, Discipuli Britannica features a very nice, clean, and calligraphic style of Cyrillic script, while Domestic Manners represents a free style in handwriting, which is closer to the style, used by most of people in everyday life.