Digital fonts

Nowadays with the rapid development of computer technologies, people mostly understand fonts as the particular data files, which instruct a computer on how to display or print the entered text. Basically, digital font is nothing but an electronic file, which contains a set of glyphs, characters, and special symbols, such as diacritic marks and dingbats. This definition, as well as typographic technologies in general, has significantly evolved since the times, when font term denoted a set of metal types used for typesetting a text.

There are three major digital font kinds today: bitmap fonts, vector or outline fonts, and stroke fonts. Besides, there exist a number of font formats, developed by different companies. The examples of digital font formats include OpenType from Adobe and Microsoft, and TrueType from Apple.

In view of great variety of computer fonts available today, it is a commonly accepted approach to classify fonts variations by their appearance. And here is exactly where another meaning of digital fonts appears. Based on the particular appearance or look of typefaces, some of them are called digital, because they are easily associated with the machine-style text displaying or printing.

In order to get familiar with the most prominent examples of digital font family, you can visit Fonts2u, one of the font-focused online resources. Calculator Digits Regular font, 24 Led Bright, Digital-7, and Telegraphic are only several representatives of the digital typefaces, readily available for free download at the mentioned web portal.

By the way, Fonts2u also offers a convenient online converter to transform a digital fonts from one format to another. Besides, the site offers a list of the most prominent software applications for font creation and management. Also, font developers are welcome to upload their own font creations and popularize them among a wide audience of font fans and professional designers.