Earlier dingbats were used to embellish the printed text. These were mainly different kinds of ornaments and decorative elements, which, for example, were used to embellish a plain text in books or magazines. With the development of computer technologies and digital fonts, dingbat concept evolved into a separate type of fonts, in which a particular set of images or pictures is used instead of the usual alphabetic letters or numbers.

It is necessary to note that Unicode standard provides separate character codes for dingbat symbols. However, dingbat fonts, where images are used in place of letters and numbers, are still popular for multiple designing applications.

Two most widely spread dingbat fonts are called Wingdings and Webdings. The latter was developed in 1997 and since then it is a part of all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system. Along with these two widely-spread dingbat typefaces, there are thousands of other unique dingbats, which can really be very useful while designing a blog or a web page layout. Actually, dingbat fonts are often compared with small images templates.

The dingbat variety really impresses: from funny human images to beautiful floral collections and to cartoon characters and to alien symbols – this is only a small fraction of dingbats, readily available for free download at Fonts2u web site. This online font database hosts thousands of dingbat typefaces, grouped into a separate category with several subcategories to make finding the necessary set of images easier and quicker.

Designing a poster, a brochure or a web site, have a look at the collection of dingbats at Fonts2u – this is a good source for both inspiration and practical tools for realizing all your creative ideas and plans. By the way, along with dingbat fonts, there are thousands of other free fonts at this web site, including bitmap, basic, calligraphy, foreign, and many other fonts in all sorts of styles and classifications.