Distorted fonts

The edges of the distorted font characters are all irregular and disfigured as if they were bitten out by the sharp teeth and fangs of the savage animals or cutout by a saw. Those dents and curves can be either symmetrical or not. The characters can even be formed from arrow-like segments, broken glass pieces, or lightening-shaped parts. One may also see the flames of fire, hedgehog eagles, geometric figures (for example, triangles or circles), and even plants root growing out of the characters of distorted font.

The selection of distorted font variants at Font2u offers all the above described examples, which will be able to meet the demands and requirements of different users searching for something unexpected and unusual among the world's typefaces.

Distorted fonts at Fonts2u are placed into the fancy fonts category, thus, it is easily accessible and convenient to download. Some visitors may be in search of some specific glyphs and character maps. These can be specified, and thus, quickly found by our extended search tool, where it is possible to define specific parameters of a font you are searching for.

Some distorted fonts deserve more attention, because their concepts significantly differ from the other typefaces. Here would be included such fonts as INFECTED, Scalper Ink, Sookiesooker Jaggy Font, helvari Bold Distorted and I'm-NOT-Weapon. They are really very interesting and fascinating. These may suit various projects, having not simply stylish, but even somehow dangerous looks.

Distorted fonts, which characters are made of geometric elements, are represented at Fonts2u with such typefaces as mummification Regular, bubba, and BellowsAl. It goes without saying that it would take many pages and long hours to describe everything you can find at this fonts resource. Instead, it would be much wiser to just visit our fonts collection, and see with your own eyes what we have to offer you.