Easter fonts

Easter is one of the major annual religious festivities. An immense number of people would name it the most important holiday among those celebrated during the year. And they would be absolutely right. Easter is an embodiment of new life beginning. It is celebrated in spring when nature awakens, when the whole atmosphere creates such an elevated, grand, and solemn feeling in everybody's heart that each of us becomes inspired and open to the new changes for better.

Easter itself and many other factors create this special atmosphere. The use of Easter fonts on the attributes of this holiday is also one of them. Easter gifts, their packages, postcards are all embellished with beautiful rabbits, eggs and chicken springing out of them. Holiday projects' authors also use Easter font letters to deliver the best wishes to everyone.

A number of wonderful free Easter fonts can be found and downloaded at Fonts2u – the Internet library of the best typefaces ever. Visit our holiday category with Easter font included into it and choose a typeface you like best out of those developed especially for this holiday.

Each Easter font is unique; each of them is designed in accordance with our ancient traditions of celebrating this occasion; each typeface aims at raising the spirits and make this day of the year really one of a kind.

If you search for a Easter fonts with alphabet, check out such typefaces as ADFBEasterEgg, Panier de Paques, SUMMERS EASTER EGGS, RMBaskbn, or LMS My Favorite Rabbit. Some other Easter font sets offered at Fonts2u are dingbat fonts, which will allow you to embellish your project with amusing pictures.

KR Easter Baskets is a collection of various baskets full of Easter eggs. KR Easter Windows resemble stained-glass windows with funny pictures painted on them. Easter Hoppy, Easter Bunny, Destiny's Easter Dings are the examples of character sets that feature all the possible kinds of really funny rabbits.