Eroded fonts

Regular fonts used in the official documents are so boring, and they are rarely asked for if it is an entertainment product or project we need to write about. This is why millions of various unusual, interesting, eye-catching and stylish computer fonts appeared on the market. Eroded font is one of those unconventional typefaces, which had been in great demand since the time they first became known to the public.

Eroded font is popular among people of different social status, occupation, and age. However, it is especially spiritually close to the young people, who always strive for everything nontraditional, contradictory, and defiant. They are usually against any compromises; they are always full of rebellious spirits. And in the field of typography eroded font belongs to one of the typefaces, which are associated with these ideas and points of view the best way possible.

The main feature of eroded fonts is a strong erosion effect, expressed in various bleached as if worn out spots and thread-like lines. These erosions may even look like a peculiar pattern or ornament, which makes the characters still more beautiful. The letters may be eroded on their edges and outlines, the whole character surface may be covered with those spots, or font letters may be placed on the eroded background.

It is worthy to visit the one of a kind site Fonts2u if you are interested in downloading eroded fonts. This resource has dozens of them in its fancy fonts category. Special attention should be drawn to such fonts as The Tomb (winter and spring)1 or HacjiuzaDirty, which also have Gothic looks besides being eroded. Outlaw and Round Up may be called Western-like fonts. Orial_Bold is absolutely beautiful due to its floral pattern looks of the eroded spots. Brutal Tooth and Were-Beast are even scary.

Fonts2u welcomes you all to check out our eroded fonts collection. Using our typefaces you will be able to vividly and in an original way underline special traits of your personality.