Ethiopic fonts

At Fonts2u there are many foreign fonts, which can be used specifically for the particular languages. For example, Ethiopic font collection represents typefaces for displaying and typing original characters of a number of East African languages, such as Amharic, Bilen, Tigrinya, and others.

Every Ethiopic font is based on the alphabet, which is commonly referred to as Ge'ez alphabet or simply Ge'ez. In terms of typography, all the characters from an alphabet should be included into a specific character map, which is a part of a font file. On most of the computers Ethiopic alphabet is not included into a basic configuration, thus one should install Ethiopic font additionally to be able to type a text, written in any of the above mentioned languages.

The writing system, represented by Ethiopic font, is often called Abudiga. Actually, it is not an alphabet in its traditional understanding, because it contains only characters for consonant sounds, while vowels are just secondary elements. Scientists often explain Ethiopic writing as the alphasyllabary with left to right direction of writing.

In order to find and download Ethiopic fonts, one can use the specialized web portal, which has already been mentioned above. There is a separate category for Ethiopic font representatives at Fonts2u. Ethiopic Hiwua, Ethiopic Tint, and Ethiopic WashRa Bold Slant are only some examples of Ethiopic fonts, exhibited on the site.

In order to view the characters, supported by a particular font, one can choose the necessary character map at the font details page. Ethiopic character map usually contains over 300 symbols. At the same time, it is interesting to note that the Ge'ez alphabet lists only 28 basic consonant signs. Such a great number of symbols is thus explained by a syllabic structure of the Ethiopic writing script, where different combinational blocks of basic letters are used.