Expanded fonts

Any font is characterized with such feature as font width. It can be condensed, normal, or expanded. However, each of these types is divided into several subtypes. Thus, besides the expanded font, there also exist such degrees of font width as extra-expanded and ultra-expanded.

Expanded font or type, as it is often called, is the one with greater than normal width of the typeface characters in proportion to their height. This feature makes the characters look almost rectangular. This effect is always very visible and strongly pronounced for the human eyes. Therefore, words displayed in expanded font will definitely draw the readers' attention.

However, such font width requires more space than the same quantity of the normal width characters; thus, it is not always possible and, actually, not always reasonable to make the whole text expanded. Instead, it is better to represent the key words, most important notions, or terms with the help of expanded fonts.

The best effect in terms of attracting people's attention can be reached if a designer uses bold expanded characters in his project to underline the crucial points. In addition, a short title or headline represented in expanded fonts will look fascinating or even striking for the readers, who will not be able to resist a temptation of reading it all up to the end.

A large list of typefaces belonging to the expanded font width can be found at Fonts2u. This is a site, which offers a wide range of various fonts, and it also possesses an alternative tool for convenient font searching. Here you can either browse the site's different categories (Basic, Bitmap, Fancy, Script, etc.), or you can take advantage of the Fonts2u extended search option. This tool suggests you to select necessary font features in order for the search engine to do the work for you and find the fonts, which match your parameters best.