Font converter

Working on some particular projects, like web site design, it may be necessary to convert a font from one font format to another. Frequently, such necessity arises, when it is required to use Windows fonts at Macintosh machines and vice versa. Online font converter, offered at Fonts2u, is an example of an efficient web application, which allows converting fonts to and from different formats.

Whether you need to convert a TrueType font into OpenType, or PostScript Type 1 into Macintosh OS X Data Fort – font converter at Fonts2u can easily help you with it. Basically, our font converter works with any of the mentioned formats and can convert files between them in different combinations.

Font converter can be of especial help, when it is necessary to create cross-platform versions of web site layout. When the suitable font is found, either in Windows or Macintosh format, the file can be transformed into another format, preserving the same style and characteristics of separate glyphs and symbols.

There exist two basic options, when it goes about font conversion. The first one is to use specialized software applications, and the second is the use of online font converter, such as that offered at Fonts2u. Every designer makes his own choice, based on his practical application needs, frequency of font conversion operations and output results.

At the same time, the majority of users do not need to convert fonts very often, and in such cases an online font converter seems to be the most reasonable option. You do not have to spend time on searching, downloading and installing the software, and you also do not have to invest any money into specialized software. All you have to do is to visit Fonts2u and make use of our free online font converter, which will accurately and quickly perform conversion of your font between major font formats.