Font designers

The whole process of font creation starts with the idea, which appears in the mind of a font designer, who then develops this idea, transforms it into physical graphical image, and puts it into an appropriate digital file format. As a result of such process, which may look simple at the first glance, a new font is born for us to use it in our own projects and applications. Basically, creating fonts is very much about art and fine skills, and every font designer is an artist.

At the pre-computers times, font designers mostly dealt with paper, ink, and metal type. Today, a computer is the main tool of a font designer, as well as it is the target field, where the designed fonts will be further used.

In order to design a new font, font designers first need a specialized software application, commonly known as font editor. These programs allow several methods of a new font development. For example, a font designer may take an existing font and edit it, modifying the letters shapes, or just fill its character map with more characters supported. Alternatively, one can create his own unique font from the very beginning. Such approach will, however, require a font designer to invest a lot of time, skills and knowledge in order to receive a professional font with the unique and exclusive appearance, but the result is worth it.

Modern font editors even allow creating a new font by scanning a drawn picture, sketch, or one's handwriting. Isn't it amazing to become a font designer and create your own font based on your own, definitely unique, handwriting style?

At Fonts2u you can find a list of font designers, who have contributed to the font database, currently available at the site. Besides, one can also find a section, dedicated to specialized font editing tools, which can help in turning a dream of becoming a font designer into reality.