Font download

If you type font downloads in Google, you will see millions of results. Most of them lead to the large online font repositories, such as Fonts2u, which offer free font download. Generally speaking, one can find thousands of free fonts either for Microsoft Windows computers or for Macintosh machines at such font download centers. The majority of fonts, offered at Fonts2u, is freeware or free for personal use. However, there are also some shareware, donationware, or demo fonts.

It is important to underline that the functionality of Fonts2u is not limited to font download option only, the site also offers a great, sophisticated way of font browsing, including full character set preview and technical specifications listings. Besides, the integrated search engine can make the process of searching for a necessary font intuitive, flexible, accurate, and really time-saving.

Font download at Fonts2u is easy. Every font is supplied with the Download button, which will immediately lead you to a font download page with no annoying advertising or pop-down windows. If there are different versions of the font, for example, regular, italic, bold, extended, etc., you will get the chance to choose what exactly versions of the font you need. After entering a digital anti-spam code in the provided field, your computer will start downloading the font.

Font download means receiving and saving a font file in the zip archive onto your local machine. After unzipping the archive and saving the font file into the appropriate font directory of your operating system, you can use the downloaded font for your purposes. Please, keep in mind that installing font procedures are different at Windows and Macintosh computers, so check FAQ for more detailed information and guidelines.

Along with font downloads, Fonts2u provides an opportunity for font uploading as well. If you are a font designer and wish to exhibit your creations at a large and specialized font resource, welcome to Fonts2u, and we will definitely offer you space for displaying your font masterpieces at our virtual show rooms.