According to the traditional definition, a font is defined as a collection of characters, such as letters, numerals, and punctuation marks, with the same size and particular typeface. The meaning of the word font can be derived from the ancient French word, meaning "something that has been melted", since at the dawn of the printing industry the term font was used to define a set of metal types, which was used to typeset a page of a book or a newspaper before printing.

Nowadays, with the development of digital and fully scalable fonts, the term is no longer limited to a single size only. While in the past 8-points Times Roman was one font, and 10-points Times Roman was another one, these days fonts are no longer size-specific. However, the association with a single style or typeface still remains in use.

All the fonts have certain characteristics or features, such as weight (from hairline to ultra-bold), width (compressed, condensed, narrow, etc), serifs or sans serifs. It is also common to categorize fonts by their design or style. Thus, basic, fancy, Gothic, script, foreign and other style categories of fonts are distinguished.

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