Free Fonts

Typing free fonts in Google search bar returns over 70 million results. It is twice as many as the search results for global warming or celebrity gossips. Indeed, the popularity of free font resources in the Internet is great, because whether it is about typing a text in the text editor, designing a layout of a web page, or working on some poster or a greeting card pattern, font is one of the integral components of any creative endeavor.

With virtually boundless amount of font sites in the Internet, searching for a necessary font may easily turn into a time consuming and stressful experience. Furthermore, the task may get even more complicated, when it is necessary to find a professional free font.

Fonts2u was created to become a leader among the free font online resources. Hosting hundreds of thousands of free fonts in multiple categories from basic fixed width and serif fonts to fancy 3D, Gothic, and to calligraphy scripts, Fonts2u is not only the most extensive database of free fonts, but it is also a sophisticated online tool for quick, convenient and tailored hunting for fonts with particular characteristics. With Fonts2u, one can search for a free font by specifying the required font characteristics, such as style (e.g. italic, bold, regular), weight (from ultra light to ultra bold), width (from ultra condensed to ultra expanded), classification (e.g. slab serifs or scripts), or even a particular character map.

Free font database at Fonts2u includes mainly fonts, which are distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and freeware license, which means anyone can use such fonts for free. Aiming to become a one-stop free fonts online destination, Fonts2u offers its users and visitors virtually unlimited opportunities in realizing their creative ideas. Here everyone can find free fonts, which will become a perfect match for a particular project.