Freeware fonts

Freeware font is the one, which is designed and distributed among the users for free. Usually, fonts authors, retaining the copyright, allow using their creations, but not selling them. Freeware fonts can be found in every font family, category, and type. In other words, their existence is not limited by any particular factors. Consequently, a user can find a freeware font, which would meet all his requirements and needs, irrespective, whether it is an eroded or calligraphy, horror or flowers-featuring font.

It is true that every professional font designer has a number of freeware fonts among his creations. It would also be fair to say that every beginner in font designing starts his career with creating freeware fonts for as many people as possible to be able to discover and appreciate his talent and designing skills. Moreover, for some of them freeware fonts may even become the first steps to the summit of glory in font creation art.

Nowadays, the internet is flooded with the sites offering freeware fonts for download; therefore, searching for the one, which would suit you best, may turn into quite a challenging task. Fonts2u, the one of a kind resource, is the place where you can avoid the majority of difficulties arising when you search for a freeware font in the internet.

Fonts2u offers an exclusive tool where you can choose and precisely define various parameters of a freeware font you are in search of. Just select your preferences in the extended search bar, including a category, font style, type, characters width, etc. Oh, and do not forget to choose the freeware type of the license! A few seconds - and here you are, offered a number of freeware fonts, among which you will definitely find the one you like best.