Futuristic fonts

No looking back is a golden rule of many wise people. Indeed, there is nothing good in being sorry about something that one has or has not done, about the missed chances and lost opportunities. Perhaps, this saying is also a motto of the creative font designers who specialize on inventing the variations of futuristic font.

They look into the future and try to render their expectations and hopes by shaping the letters in some particular way, which we call futuristic font.

Futuristic means bearing the features of the future. The visions of space and space-ships, stars and galaxies, human kind and aliens may appear in the minds of many people hearing this word. Science fiction movies and literature are also mostly associated with the futuristic themes. No wonder that many authors of science fiction really select futuristic fonts for their titles and headlines – it actually suits this art so well and renders its ideas best. The vivid example is famous Star Wars movie title, remember?

Another particular area, where futuristic font is a primary choice, is cars lettering. Modern cars or concept cars are all about high-tech, with which everything futuristic and futuristic fonts in particular go hand in hand.

Fonts2u is a special resource, which embraces fonts of the past, present and future – all in one place. Futuristic fonts are represented here with numerous designers' views of this art's future. Bold, outlined, condensed typefaces can be found here.

Take a close look at such futuristic fonts of regular style as Euglena, Bas Relief, Myque Rounded, Tek Hed Angry, DNA Ad, 13_Docusan Normal – they are absolutely awesome for a project with futuristic issues. Such typefaces, as Radio Space, Lastu#1, or Sagan, are the unique representatives of the italic futuristic font.

You can easily find all these typefaces by visiting Fonts2u fancy fonts category or simply by using the extended search button. Make your future better, make it with us!