Georgian fonts

Georgian font collection, presented at Fonts2u, includes the best examples of typefaces, which can be used for multiple designing projects - from documents to postcards, where it is necessary to present the text in Georgian language – the official language of the Caucasian country, called Georgia.

Generally, any Georgian font is based on the Georgian alphabet, which forms the background of the Georgian writing system. Actually, there were several alphabets used in Georgia throughout its long history, but now one particular alphabet, called mkhedruli is widely used, while others remained mainly for liturgical purposes.

A Georgian font, based on the mkhedruli alphabet, contains 33 letters. All these letters are included into the particular character map, which forms a part of a font file. Actually, each computer font may include a number of different character maps, each making it possible to enter text in a corresponding language. In order to find Georgian fonts at Fonts2u, you can either browse the Georgian collection within the Foreign fonts category, or you can select the Georgian character map in the extended font search section to let the system find you all typefaces with the support of the required letters.

Speaking about Georgian font, it is interesting to note that there is no difference between uppercase and lowercase letters in it. Usually a bold style is used to highlight the words of the headlines or titles. Besides, the increase of spacing between the letters in a word can be used to show the emphasis.

Of course, as many other regional languages of the world, Georgian is included into the Unicode standard. Thus, most of the Georgian font family representatives are Unicode-based fonts. At Fonts2u you can find many Georgian fonts and download them for you personal use at no charge.