Groovy fonts

A large groovy font collection is presented at the innovative font-focused web site Fonts2u, which offers free downloading of both Windows and Mac fonts in dozens of categories, starting from the traditional basic and bitmap fonts, and finishing with bizarre techno, graffiti, and groovy fonts.

In view of high versatility within groovy font family, it is difficult to find some peculiar features, typical for all groovy fonts. Some of them, like Geometry SoftPro, look pretty usual and conventional, while others, like SnailAL, have extremely extravagant looks. Reading a text, printed or displayed with certain groovy fonts (e.g. Fashion Passion or Arsenale Blue) may easily turn into a pretty challenging activity.

It is clear that there are no certain rules of building a groovy font. Moreover, it is not about following some rules or traditional approaches, groovy style is all about alternative traits and experimenting with strokes and glyphs. Some typefaces feature absolutely square structure of characters, while others have distinct ascenders and descenders elements, like in traditional fonts, such as Arial or Times New Roman.

Frequently, groovy font designers experiment with backgrounds. Since the majority of typefaces in this group are characterized with significant font widths, this allows using multiple visual effects along with letters outlines. Artistic backgrounds, curls, tails, and extraordinary terminals – all these elements can be used to achieve the groovy appearance of the font.

A groovy font can find many practical applications. While being rarely suitable for large portions of text, groovy typefaces may suit well for headlines, titles, short greetings on the postcards, and of course for the illustration of web sites with the same groovy content.

There are over a thousand of free groovy fonts at Fonts2u. Visit us and be amazed with virtually boundless imagination of groovy font designers.