Hebrew fonts

Hebrew font is a particular typeface, which supports the characters and glyphs specific for the Hebrew language. These characters are included in the relevant Hebrew character map. So, if you need an original Hebrew font, you should look for the one, supporting such Hebrew symbols set.

Naturally, any computer Hebrew font is based on the specific alphabet, which is also known as Jewish script or Assyrian script. The alphabet consists of 22 letters, and all of them are for consonant sounds only (you have to guess the necessary vowels by yourself while reading a text). Still, in order to define a vowel sound, special diacritic signs, called Niqqud, are used. Based on this specificity, Hebrew alphabet is not a true alphabet. Scientists use the term Abjud for this writing system. Besides, it is necessary to remember that the writing direction in Hebrew is right to left.

A Hebrew font is commonly built in accordance with the Unicode standard, which currently contains over 107 000 characters, used in about 90 world languages and scripts. The Unicode contains letters, numbers, diacritic marks, ligatures, and punctuation marks, which are used in Hebrew writing. Since Unicode is now a standard for many computer applications, including operating systems and Internet browsers, texts can be displayed in original Hebrew font practically at any computer.

At the same time, if it is needed to broaden the spectrum of the default fonts, installed on the computer, one can easily find and download some new Hebrew fonts from online font repositories, such as Fonts2u. At this particular web site, a separate category for Hebrew fonts is created. Besides, one can also find Hebrew fonts by using extended search section and choosing Hebrew as the required character map. The system will then display only those fonts, which support the chosen character map and thus are compliant with the particular script. In this way, one can find Hebrew, Cyrillic, Indic, or any other fonts, where characters different from traditional Latin A-Z letters are used.