Indic fonts

Indic font relates to a specific set of characters, which are used in a variety of Indic languages. According to the official estimations, there exist over 200 variants of Indic languages, each having its peculiarities. The majority of symbols used in Indic font representatives are included in the modern Unicode standard, making it possible to display traditional Indic lettering on most of the computers, where Unicode support is enabled.

In order to find Indic fonts, online font repository Fonts2u, which is one of the leading free font resources in the Internet, offers sophisticated extended search function. It allows selecting the necessary character set from the list (e.g. Indic, Cyrillic, Chinese, etc.) and then search for the free fonts, supporting the specified characters. Since there are multiple variations in the Indic language family, Fonts2u offers a vast range of character sets specific for particular Indic font representatives. Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Kannada, Lepcha, Oriya, Simhala, Tamil are only some of them.

As an example of Indic fonts, let us mention here Code2000. This is a shareware font, designed by a professional font developer James Kass. Along with commonly used Latin characters, this font contains multiple character sets, associated with different world languages, including Indic scripts. The designer did his best to preserve the traditional appearance of the lettering, specific for a particular language.

Choosing among Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya, and other character maps, specific to Indic scripts, one can see multiple variations within the Indic font family. However, in spite of a significant diversity among the languages and regional dialects, all Indict scripts feature similar curly shapes and rounded forms of letters.

Speaking about Indic fonts, it is also interesting to mention that Indic writing system differs from the European scripts. Instead of using letters, Indic writing system is based on the syllables. The same approach to writing can also be observed in other Eastern languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.