Italic fonts

It is clear from its name that pure Italic font originates from Italy. It is based on the medieval calligraphic handwritten scripts. Today there also exists the so-called Related Italic font, which was developed to accompany the similar Roman typeface. In addition, there is one more kind of this cursive font type – Matching Italic. This one has the design similar with a specific Roman font.

Most operating systems of the modern computers have an option to turn Roman fonts into Italic ones. However, if there is no Matching Italic version installed on the computer, the result of such procedure is often called fake Italic font or oblique.

Although Italic font style comes from the calligraphic handwriting, which is suggested to be very beautiful, the texts displayed in this style are acknowledged to be more difficult to read. Therefore, Italic or cursive is mostly used not for large paragraphs, but for emphasizing some words or phrases in the text and presenting the titles.

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