Japanese fonts

Japanese font may be required for creating or editing some documents, written in the Japanese language. Modern computers can with no problems display documents in any language, so that everyone could easily view Japanese web pages just like they would view those written in English. But in order to enter a text in Japanese, you will most likely require a specific Japanese font. Fortunately, modern operating systems support multiple languages, so you just need to find and install Japanese fonts with some particular appearance and use it in your application.

In order to find, view and download different Japanese font examples, you are welcome to visit Fonts2u, which is a great online free font depository, offering multiple typefaces, including those, associated with foreign alphabets and writing styles.

Speaking about Japanese fonts, it is first of all worthy to name traditional Japanese scripts. They are called Hiragana and Katakana. Besides, Chinese characters, as well as Latin alphabet called Romaji, are also used in the modern Japanese language. Basically, if you need to display traditional Japanese characters, it is necessary to look for a Japanese font with the support of Hiragana and Katakana character sets. You can do this easily at Fonts2u by selecting the relevant option in the character map drop-down list in the extended search tool.

To get familiar with traditional Japanese fonts, have a look at the CaslonRoman or Un Graphic fonts, both supporting Japanese symbols, as well as Latin letters. However, some typefaces, presented in the Japanese font category at Fonts2u are designed just to mimic the style of traditional Japanese glyphs. For example, in Kato font all the Latin letters are drawn in a Japanese manner with bended stems and wide bows. Text printed with such font will still be readable for English speaking people; however, it will also recreate the unique and original appearance of the traditional Japanese lettering.