Latin fonts

Latin font family is, obviously, the most numerous group of computer fonts, which are used everywhere and supported by all the major and minor operating systems, as well as multiple software applications. Fonts2u, a brand-new and highly progressive web site for free font downloading, offers over 25 thousands of Latin fonts.

Though a number of Latin typefaces are usually installed on any computer, people still demonstrate great interest towards new and fresh Latin font examples. While Arial and Times New Roman fonts seem pretty traditional and conventional, a great variety of fonts, supporting Latin character map, in multiple appearances and designs are available to fit any type of document or a designing project.

Latin alphabet as the backbone of any Latin font appeared many centuries ago. It is considered to have evolved from the western variant of ancient Greek alphabet. Later it spread throughout the world and had great influence on many languages, including Celtic, Germanic, Baltic, and Slavic. Now, most of the European languages use Latin alphabet sometimes with some local characters added to represent sounds, specific for a particular language.

Speaking about a Latin font, it is necessary to mention that this is one of the five European alphabets, included into the Unicode standard, called to ensure multi-language support on computers. Of course, in most cases people hunt for Latin fonts just to find some fancy and unique design, which will create some special atmosphere and highlight the feelings, expressed by words. For example, Christmas fonts are called to enforce the Christmas spirit in the greeting cards. Valentine font can suite best for expressing love; and multiple calligraphy typefaces can underline the delicacy and refinement of the document.

Literally all the typeface categories from basic to handwritten and from fancy to foreign designs have Latin font representatives. Usually Latin is the default character map for any computer font. In case if a particular font file contains other character maps for additional languages support, at Fonts2u it is possible to view the characters included into a particular character map by choosing the necessary one at the font detail page.