Light fonts

Actually, there is a wide range of font weight variations: from hairline to ultra-black. In typography, weights are defined with numbers from 100 to 900. Normal font weight is usually defined with number 400. Fonts below this number are considered light. Consequently, light font may be characterized with different degree of lightness or thinness (e.g 200, 300).

However, it should be mentioned that not all the computers have the necessary resources to properly display the slight difference between the light font variants. Thus, they may appear similar to our sight.

Light font is believed to be quite convenient and pleasant for the human eyes. Therefore, large passages or texts displayed with the help of such font are easy and comfortable to read. Light font is an inherent part of Script family of fonts. It is widely represented among handwritten, calligraphy, and school categories of fonts. There also exist multiple fancy light fonts (cartoon, comic, techno and many others).

Designers state that light font is always an option to consider if it is necessary to make invitation or postcards, create a logo design or a scrapbooking project.

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