Mac fonts

It is considered that Mac font is displayed with greater accurateness on the computers, though onscreen reading of the text in Macintosh font format may sometimes be more difficult in comparison to the text, displayed with Microsoft fonts. This is explained by the different approaches to font displaying, used by Apple and Microsoft.

As a matter of fact, Apple mainly focuses on the goal to display a particular Mac font as close as possible to the particular design, developed by a font creator. Windows, on the other hand, may neglect some font characteristics for the sake of higher readability of the text on screen. As the result, some Mac fonts may look blurry on screen. However, working with Microsoft fonts, it may happen that the text displayed on the screen will look differently when printed on paper. Mac font is said to be more accurate in this regard.

Basically, Mac font is more about art and creative design. Designers, working with Mac fonts, can be sure that the project will look the same on screen and in print. Fonts for Windows-powered computers, on the other hand, are considered to be more practical. If some element looks blurry on screen, the system will do everything to fix it, even if it means changing the fancy rounded letter element for a straight line.

After all, it is usually a matter of personal preferences in regard to what system or font standard to choose. However, if you are using Apple computer, you are most likely to stay committed to Mac font collections. Once the desire to experiment with new Mac fonts appear, you can always find and download multiple free fonts, designed for Macintosh computer, from Fonts2u, a new online repository, hosting hundreds of thousands of fonts for both Windows and Macintosh.

In order to find Mac font, just tick the appropriate platform support in the extended search tool on the Fonts2u web site, and you will get a rich selection of greatest Mac fonts ever.