Macintosh fonts

Fonts2u was created to become a leading online Macintosh font repository. Along with thousands of free Macintosh fonts, users are also offered with numerous fonts for Windows, all grouped in intuitive categories, from basic and bitmapped fonts to eroded and to traditional handwriting scripts. The core idea behind Fonts2u is not only to become the richest database of fonts, suitable for any existing platform, but also to provide effective tool for searching of the necessary Macintosh fonts and their easy downloading.

Nowadays the primary font, which is used by Macintosh operating system, is called Lucida Grande. Being close in appearance to Lucida Sans in Windows, this Macintosh font contains much more different glyphs. Other core Macintosh fonts include Geneva, Keyboard, and Last Resort. While users can disable any fonts, which they do not need, with the help of Font Book application, disabling of the mentioned core Macintosh font collection is not possible to ensure proper performance of the system.

Mac OS X supports multiple font formats. For example, Mac version of TrueType fonts as well as any OpenType font, originally developed as the Adobe/Microsoft initiative, can easily be used on Macintosh computers. However, Apple has also developed its own standard of fonts, called data-fork suitcases. These Macintosh font files can be recognized by .dfont extension.

It is important to keep in mind that Macintosh font in .dfont format can only work on Mac OS X. The previous versions of Mac operating systems used Mac TrueType font standard. The difference between two options is only the file structure or architecture. While a .dfont file stores all the information in the data fork, Macintosh font of the older TrueType format keeps all the necessary data about the font in the resource fork. In practical applications users will not notice any difference between using a Macintosh font as a .dfont or a Macintosh TrueType font file.