Medieval fonts

If you are looking for a free medieval font for realizing your own creative ideas, you are welcome to visit Fonts2u – a broad online storage area for computer fonts in multiple of styles, types, and formats. There is a wide selection of different medieval fonts from regular and reserved typefaces, suiting for displaying large volumes of text, to fancy lettering for decorative headlines, titles, and logos.

The absence of definite rules, associated with the medieval typography, and rich imagination of font designers have generated a wide variety of medieval fonts, currently available online. Some of them strictly follow the styles of particular medieval scripts (Becket-Kanzlei, Mariage Normal, Patricia, QuillPerpendicular) and others are designed in a pretty free style manner (Quest Knight Academy, Gender, The Tomb), though all of them have the specific charm of the medieval fonts.

Defining the characteristic traits of medieval font can be pretty challenging in view of variety of styles. Mostly, such fonts have bold and sometimes outlined structure. High contrast is also present in practically all fonts of the category. The appearance of letters is pretty complicated, fancy, and it often carries high decorative and esthetic load. Letters' stems are often strictly vertical, though curved stems are also used. The bows are usually very wide, and ascenders as well as descenders are usually embellished with bracketed serifs or triangle tips.

Aside of traditional Latin alphabet, many medieval font projects contain extended character maps to support multiple accented symbols. This makes such medieval fonts perfect for using in languages, where diacritical marks are common. By the way, searching for medieval fonts, supporting a particular character map (Cyrillic, for example), is easy with Fonts2u. Just select the necessary option from the character map drop down menu and the search engine will display the fonts, meeting the specified parameters.