Microsoft fonts

By the most general definition, Microsoft font is the font, designed for use on computers, running on Windows operating systems. However, these days, popular font formats are designed in a cross-platform way, so many of the modern fonts can be used on both Windows and Mac machines.

In year 1997, Microsoft together with Adobe first presented OpenType font format. Since then both companies have done their best to enhance and fine tune this standard, which is now commonly associated with the Microsoft font. However, it is also interesting to note that in the latest versions of Windows OS, a new font standard called ClearType was presented to ensure higher display resolution and better screen readability of the text.

Statistically, the installed Microsoft font collection may vary depending on the particular Windows version or applications installed. For example, the standard installation of Windows XP contains approximately 130 fonts, including multiple variations of the same font face, e.g. Arial, Arial Bold, Arial Italic, etc.

Installing additional fonts has never been a problem. In order to install a new font, one should first download desired Microsoft fonts from online font repository, such as Fonts2u, and then copy the file into the Windows default font folder, which can be reached via Control Panel or directly by pointing to C:/WINDOWS/FONTS.

However, it is still necessary to remember that moderation is also the golden rule in fonts downloading and installing. There is a particular amount of Microsoft fonts, which can be handled by a particular computer. Mostly, experts recommend keeping the number of installed fonts below 400. Otherwise, you may experience slowing down and decline in the computer and applications performance.

However, if you still have enough space in your font folder and want to experiment with new Microsoft fonts, you are welcome to make the most of Fonts2u. Either browsing general font categories or using our precise search tool, capable of finding exclusive Microsoft fonts, you will be amazed with the variety and uniqueness of Microsoft font collection, available for free downloading at Fonts2u.