Military fonts

Military style has already penetrated many modern arts, but the traits of military are, perhaps, the most vividly expressed in fashion and font design. Whether it is to highlight one's strong life position, to underline particular personal traits, or just to follow fashion, many people vote for military style, or at least for some elements of it. If you do not feel like wearing an olive-colored color or high-heeled boots, why don't you use some military fonts to express your hidden personal ego?

Surely, opportunities to use military font in daily work with computer do not arise so frequently. You will hardly benefit form using military font, such as Napalm Vertigo or 1st Cav in your personal resume or letter to your landlord. However, when it is necessary to enforce some particular project as web site or a booklet with the atmosphere of strength, energy, stability, and urge for victory, military font looks like a perfect match.

XII Straight Army font is an example of classic military typeface with the clear shapes and solid appearance, not spoiled with civil elements, such as serifs or fancy backgrounds. Another good example of military font is Stencil, equipped with really impressive collection of supported symbols in different character maps.

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