Movie fonts

Film production is a huge and uniquely interesting industry, where even insignificant, as it may seem at the first glance, things as movie fonts, for example, are responsible for the final success of the whole project. That is why not only script writers and actors, but also many technical professionals, including font designers, participate in the film production process. Basically, an exclusively developed movie font, which is used for an official title of a film, soon becomes strongly associated with the film itself. Some movie fonts are relatively neutral, but others can be really strong in expressing the style or character of the film.

Usually, a single glance at the film title is enough to understand whether it is comedy or horror, romance or action thriller. Such effect is ensured by the properly tailored movie font used. Though original movie fonts belong to copyrighted materials, there are still hundreds of free fonts, which look absolutely similar or very close to the most vivid movie font examples.

Just have a look at Alicia Wonderland font and you will, definitely, feel that particular mysterious atmosphere of the film, or Caribbean Island with its distinct scent of sea adventures and freedom. Need an example of a humorous and nice movie font? You get it with Pokemon Solid, Parry Hotter (what an irony :-), or Aladdin font. Actually, you can investigate a huge collection of movie fonts by yourself at one of the best online font resources, called Fonts2u. The site offers a separate movie font category to make searching for necessary typefaces easier and more comfortable.

By the way, with Fonts2u you can easily browse the whole character map, supported by the chosen movie font, or even preview your custom text to evaluate its quality before downloading. An amazingly useful and flexible font search tool is also available at this online repository, which makes font searching not only pleasant, but also highly efficient and time-saving experience.