Nice Fonts

Fonts2u is one of the richest online repositories of free fonts, where everyone can easily find and download his own nice fonts for any project, which involves text design and layout. Our collection contains a myriad of nice fonts in different categories, from traditional serif fonts to modern graffiti and fancy dingbats.

In order to understand the meaning of nice font, let us first find out what a font actually is. According to the most common definition, in typography the term font denotes a complete set of different characters, such as letters, numbers, punctuation marks, mathematical symbols, etc., which are designed in a similar and particular style. By earlier definition, fonts were limited to a particular size only, but now with digital and thus easily scalable fonts, they are no longer size-specific.

The word nice means something pleasant, or pleasing, or agreeable in nature or appearance. Thus, a nice font is obviously the one, which is pleasant and esthetically attractive. By the way, there is a theory, claiming that a properly selected font can influence the text perception mechanism in human brains and can make the text more readable. This is why publishers, graphics, and web designers pay much attention to choosing a nice font for every project they are working on.

Fonts2u was created to set a new standard of nice font searching and downloading. It aims at becoming the one-step online destination for professional designers and those, who simply like experimenting with different fonts. Hunting for your nice fonts has never been easier – just visit Fonts2u and browse the font category you are interested in, or you can try our revolutionary searching system, which ensures easy, quick, and accurate search of the necessary fonts in the repository, based on the user defined characteristics of a font.