Old school fonts

As it is known, the best wine comes out of an old vessel. This wisdom illustrates best why old school font samples are so popular among the designers these days. These typefaces are based on the typographic traditions and trends, which withstood the test of time and wide range of practical applications. Basically, this family of fonts represents the legacy of typography and font designing art. Whether it is an old school font, resembling some ancient handwriting script or a popular font developed exclusively for printing a certain book or newspaper, these font styles remain among the top popular type families.

Just to mention some of the representatives of the old school fonts, which are currently available for free downloading from the Fonts2u, let us draw you attention to such fonts, as Birmingham Bold, Typewriter, DSCyrillic, Yearbook Old Style, and Metro Regular. To browse more fonts of the same style, you are welcome to visit Fonts2u with its great collection of free fonts in various categories, including old school.

It is worthy to mention that the old school fonts family itself consists of different styles, including italic, bold, regular, and others. Some representatives are with serifs and others are not. One can even find typefaces, resembling the style of old typewriters or stencils. Generally speaking, old school font category allows enough resources to find the necessary font, matching the particular designing project.

If you are looking for a particular font, try the online font search tool, provided at Fonts2u. Choose old school in the category drop down list, specify additional parameters of the font you are looking for, and you will get multiple options of fonts, meeting your criteria, in a blink of an eye. Keep in mind that the majority of fonts, available at Fonts2u, are free and are distributed as freeware for personal use.