OpenType fonts

Indeed, one of the key features of OpenType font is the possibility to use the same font files on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. One more important feature of the OpenType font format is that it also supports PostScript data, which can be either directly rasterized or converted into TrueType outline format (depending on the rasterizers on the host operating system).

It should also be mentioned that OpenType font is usually a single font file, which contains all the font information. At the same time, being based on the Unicode, OpenType font contains thousands glyphs more than any other font type. This ensures the availability of the extended characters sets, resulting in better linguistic support and improved typographic control.

OpenType font format is convenient to use and easy to install. It can coexist on the same operating system along with TrueType and PostScript Type 1 fonts. The users of the OpenType font format have practically endless potential of displaying their information the best way possible.

The main producer of OpenType fonts remains Adobe – one of the creators of this technology. The whole Adobe Type Library has been converted into this format, thus offering the users thousands of OpenType fonts. All of them can be easily and quickly found in the vast database of the unique resource

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