OTF fonts

OTF font is first of all characterized by its cross-platform compatibility, due to which the same font file may be used on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Besides, it can be installed on the same operating system together with PostScript Type 1 and TrueType fonts.

A significant advantage of OTF fonts is that all its data is included into a single file. In spite of this fact, the font format has considerably wider language support possibilities, because it contains numerous character sets. Thus, having at hand a much wider number of glyphs in OTF font, a user avoids the necessity to install additional sources of character sets. Besides, this font format offers an advanced typographic control.

OTF font format also supports PostScript fonts, which can be either directly rendered or converted into TrueType first. The fonts belonging to this format are very easy to deal with, no matter whether it is a dummy or an experienced font designer who is using OTF technology. Besides, not only the use is convenient – OTF font installation is also comfortable, quick, and easy.

The largest amount of OTF fonts comes from one source: the converted entire Adobe Type Library; however, these days it is also possible to find other producers of fonts in this format.

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