Pixelated fonts

There is hardly a definition for a pixelated font or pixel font as it can be sometimes called. As a matter of fact, the word pixelated here is used to define a style of typeface rather than to represent some particular type or standard classification of fonts. While any representative of the most widely used conventional fonts are all about smooth lines and rounded strokes, pixelated font is not. Instead, any pixel font looks like a combination of bricks, assembled together in a pretty careless manner to vaguely resemble what we usually call "a letter".

Obviously, the idea of pixelated font design originates from the early bitmap fonts, every character of which was, actually, an array of pixels. All the fonts built with the help of pixels had one significant drawback – after resizing, especially after increasing the font size, the characters looked distorted, uneven, and angular – pretty much the same as the modern pixel fonts.

Considering font design as the type of fine art and creative craft, pixelated font family represents those trends, which are opposite to a commonly accepted rules and traditions. While the majority of modern digital fonts tend to achieve the peaks of calligraphy, pixelated fonts still continue to represent old style font design, reminding us about the times of dot matrix printers and computers with the size of a family van.

Pixel fonts are still in demand among designers, who would like to introduce some particular style to their creations, whether it is a web site, logo, or some other designing project. Fonts2u, aiming to become a leader among online font resources, represent over a thousand of multiple pixelated fonts. Besides, these pixel font examples combine the old-fashioned pixelated look with the advantages of modern font building techniques, such as full scalability of the font, for example.